Famous Cousins

Here are some of my famous distant cousins. The number of times removed is in parenthesis. If you’re still confused about cousins here’s an article explaining it. I also indicate if the relationship is on my paternal (P) or maternal (M) side.

See also famous ancestors.

First Cousins

President George Washington (9) (P)
President James Madison (8) (P)

Second Cousins

First Lady Martha Wayles (8) (P) - Wife of President Thomas Jefferson
William Penn (10) (M) - Founder of Pennsylvania
Vice President Aaron Burr (9) (P)

Third Cousins

First Lady Letitia Christian (6) (M) - Wife of President John Tyler
First Lady Rachel Donelson (9) (P) - Wife of President Andrew Jackson

Fourth Cousins

President Franklin Pierce (8) (M)
President John Quincy Adams (8) (M)
President William Henry Harrison (8) (M)

Fifth Cousins

President Chester Alan Arthur (4) (M)
President Herbert Clark Hoover (5) (M)
President James Monroe (5) (M)
President John Quincy Adams (7) (M)

Sixth Cousins

First Lady Edith White Bolling (3) (P) - Wife of President Woodrow Wilson
President Abraham Lincoln (6) (M)
President Andrew Johnson (6) (M)
President Grover Cleveland (5) (M)
President James Abram Garfield (4) (M)
President Jimmy Carter (2) (P)
President Millard Fillmore (5) (M)
President Richard Milhous Nixon (2) (M)
President Theodore Roosevelt (4) (M)
Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis (6) (M) - Commander of forces defending The Alamo

Seventh Cousins

First Lady Anna Elanor Roosevelt (3) (M) - Wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
President Calvin Coolidge (3) (M)
President James Knox Polk (6) (M)

Eighth Cousins

First Lady Ida Saxton (3) (M) - Wife of President William McKinley
First Lady Mamie Geneva Doud (2) (M) - Wife of President Dwight D. Einsenhower
President Gerald Ford (2) (P)
President Lyndon Baines Johnson (2) (P)
President Ronald Wilson Reagan (2) (M)
Gloria Laura Vanderbilt (2) (M)

Ninth Cousins

President James Buchanan (4) (P)
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (2) (P)
Anderson Cooper (1) (M)
Hunter Stockton Thompson (2) (P)

Tenth Cousins

President Barack Obama (1) (P)
President William G. Harding (4) (M)