How to Secure a Thumbdrive with Gocryptfs on Crostini

This guide assumes the user is using a Debian-based disto and is written specifically for Crostini.

In this example the removable storage device is /mnt/chromeos/removable/USB128GB.

Install Gocryptfs

sudo apt install -y gocryptfs

Configuring Gocryptfs

Create two directories. The secured one is on the thumbdrive. The clear directory is in the user’s home directory

mkdir -p /mnt/chromeos/removable/USB128GB/encrypted ~/clear

Initialize the encrypted directory.

gocryptfs -init /mnt/chromeos/removable/USB128GB/encrypted

Mounting and unmounting

gocryptfs /mnt/chromeos/removable/USB128GB/encrypted ~/clear
fusermount -u ~/clear